The Power of Positive Affirmations

We've talked a little bit about how to spring clean your finances, but did you know that this is also the perfect time to reset your self-talk? Use this season to bring a little bit of mindfulness back into your daily routine and, above all, be KIND to yourself. 


Positive self-affirmations have a very real impact on our way of thinking and being, and scientists have even examined the brain to show how this practice works wonders. Speaking our good thoughts aloud raises our vibrational frequency and lets our bodies know that all is well. One key thing to practice is actually seeing and believing what you speak — your emotions are just as important as your words! 

Spend this next week trying on self-affirmations. You can speak them aloud, write them in a journal, or place Post-It notes around your home, car, and office. Use positive and inspiring words, and then believe in yourself and your capacity to achieve what you envision. Start with "I AM..." For more on creating affirmations, watch Week 1 of the Ultimate Transformation!